February in Review

You may have noticed that I haven’t been doing much writing lately. I hope to change that soon. We’ve had a crazy winter here, and it’s kept me very busy as of late. Back at the start of February, we had a water pipe burst downstairs and make quite a mess. Then, later that same […]

2011 by the Numbers

Yes, I know we’re already halfway through January. It’s taken me a bit to get back into my groove with writing after the holidays. Of course that implies that I ever had a writing “groove”, but I digress… I didn’t have it in me to write one of the stereotypical “2011 in review” posts, but […]

Lessons Learned From Being Injured

I’ve had enough time now with some really good runs, and no more nagging pain from my knee/IT band, that I finally feel safe in declaring “I’m back!” This injury put me out of commission for a good 6-8 weeks, and let me tell you, that wasn’t fun at all. Along the way, I’ve learned […]

Singing the ITBS Blues

Knee pain. I’ve got it. And thy name is ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome). If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t done much running since finishing my first marathon about 6 weeks ago. No, I didn’t decide to retire from the sport. I still love running, and it’s killing me every day that I can’t run. But […]