Marathon Maniacs, Here I Come!

Something that I’ve talked to a few people about on Twitter and DailyMile, but never really openly, is Marathon Maniacs. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a club for people who run a lot of marathons. But the kicker is that you have to qualify to get in. It doesn’t matter how fast […]

Moose’s Tooth Marathon Recap

On Sunday, I ran the Moose’s Tooth Marathon here in Anchorage. One year ago, I was running my first 1/2 Marathon at this same event; this year, I ran my 3rd marathon. This time around, I really wanted to finish in under 4 hours. I’ve been training hard all summer since Mayor’s Marathon in June, […]

Mayor’s Marathon Recap

Real quick, have you heard why I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon in October? I’m raising money for TAPS, a wonderful organization that provides support to the families of our fallen soldiers. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated already. If you can, please click here to make a donation to TAPS. No […]

Goals for 2011

Personally, I’m not a big fan of making New Year’s resolutions – I’d say they are pretty cliché at this point, considering that most don’t survive past the end of January. Instead, I much better like the idea of setting goals for myself for the coming year. With that being said, here are my health […]

Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Marathon Recap

Well, it’s official – I’m a marathoner! This past weekend, I travelled to Las Vegas to run in the Rock n’ Roll Marathon on Sunday. If you didn’t already know, this was my first marathon, and I’ve been busy training for it the last few months. Being my first, I didn’t want to put a […]