Resurrection Pass 50 Race Recap

The short version: an absolutely amazing experience, great trail, beautiful weather, and an awesome day of running with 2 friends. I finished in 11 hours 20 minutes, and can now officially call myself an ultramarathoner! The long version: The race started bright and early at 6am on Saturday, about 2 hours from Anchorage, so I […]

Wrapping My Head Around Running 50 Miles

I’ve done it. I’ve committed to running the Resurrection Pass 50 Miler in July. Well, as much as I can commit anyway, since it’s an extremely low-key race with no “official” registration. When I sent an email to the race director this week saying that I’d like to register, this was the entirety of the […]


Today is the day. The day I turn the big 3-0. In my younger days, 30 always sounded so old, so adult. Now that I’m here, I don’t feel particularly old (or wise, for that matter). Instead, I start my 30th year the healthiest I’ve ever been, having reclaimed my life and health over 2 […]