Finalizing My Ultra Training

I’m pulling into the home stretch here with my ultra training, with the big day just over 2 weeks away now. I would say that the past 3 months of training have gone especially well. Or at least very consistent if nothing else – without planning or trying, I’ve run 169 miles in each of […]

March & April Ultra Training Update

I realized about halfway through April that I had never posted an ultra training update for March. Well, here it is almost halfway through May, and I’m just now posting an update. Better late than never, right? Right? Just in general, I haven’t been writing here nearly as much as I’d like. I certainly have things […]

My Training Plan, or Lack Thereof

When training for a marathon, or any other type of race, the training plan you follow is a very personal subject. Some will swear by Hal Higdon’s training plans, others like Smart Coach from Runner’s World, while others don’t follow a training plan at all, and pretty much just wing it. I find myself somewhere […]

Marathon Training Update

I looked at a calendar the other day and realized that there are only 5 weeks until my first marathon! After I finished panicking (not really 🙂 ), I realized that it was high time I gave an update on how my training’s been going. Overall, I’d say my training has been going very well […]