2011 Race Schedule

Even though I’m still working on fully recovering from my ITBS injury and getting back into regular running, I’m looking ahead to the racing season and planning what I want to run this summer. I’ve got a number of big races planned, along with several smaller ones. I’m really looking forward to getting into trail running this summer, and I’ve got a couple trail races planned as well.

There are so many fun races that I’d love to do, but of course there’s only so much I can realistically fit in. These are all the ones that I would really like to do, but I may not even be able to fit all these in – I’ll sure try my best though! 🙂

  • 4/30 – Heart Run (5k) – I figured a quick 5k race would be the perfect way to start out the running season. Plus, it benefits the American Heart Association – double win!
  • 5/7 – Eagle River Challenge (10k trail race) – This will be my first trail race. I grew up in Eagle River, and have done lots of hiking around on these trails, so it will be tons of fun to run a race there. I guess I need to get a pair of good trail shoes…
  • 5/12 – Do Run-Run (4 miles) – Normally I probably wouldn’t have done this race, but it’s one of the ones put on by the Anchorage Running Club, and as a member I can run it for free.
  • 5/24 – Turnagain Arm Trail Run (8 miles) – Another trail race, woohoo!
  • 5/28 – Trent/Waldron Glacier 1/2 Marathon – I figured a half marathon 3 weeks before my 2nd marathon would be a good training run, and I can test out my marathon race pace.
  • 6/18 – Mayor’s Marathon – This will be my 2nd full marathon. I’ve heard lots of good things about this race!
  • 7/9 – Bear Paw 5K – This was my first race ever after I started running last year, so it’s got a special place in my heart.
  • 7/16 – Alaska Men’s Run (5 miles) – Race proceeds go to prostate and testicular cancer research and treatment.
  • 7/22-23 – Ragnar Relay NW Passage – Seen Hood to Coast? The Ragnar Relays are a series of relay races similar to Hood to Coast that are run all over the country. The one I’m running is 187 miles long from Blaine, WA to Whidbey Island near Seattle. I’ll be running with 11 other runners (including these awesome folks). Each of us runs 3 legs of various length and difficulty, but it works out so that each runner does around 15-20 miles over a 36 hour period. This is probably the race I’m the most excited about this year, it’s going to be a blast!
  • 8/21 – Moose’s Tooth Marathon – I ran my first half marathon at this race last year and had a blast. Sam from Operation Jack ran this race last year and said that it was the most scenic and, aside from Boston, his favorite overall marathon. Considering he ran 61 marathons last year, that’s saying something!
  • 8/27 – Lost Lake Run (16 mile trail race) – If you remember, this is the trail that my dad and I tried hiking last summer before we got turned around by too much snow. Since the race is run in the fall, snow shouldn’t be a problem. I would really like to do this race, my only hesitation is that it’s the weekend right after the Moose’s Tooth Marathon, and I’m not sure how well it will go trying to do both.
  • 9/18 – Alyeska Tram to Tram Run (5 mile trail race) – This is a fun trail that I’ve hiked many times in the past. It leads to a hand tram over a river gorge that’s always fun to cross.
  • 9/24 – Octoberfest 10k – Not much to say about this one, just a nice 10k near the end of the season.
  • 10/15 – Zombie 1/2, Marathon & 50k – I ran the Zombie 1/2 Marathon last year, and it was a lot of fun! I’m really leaning toward doing the 50k this year. The only possible issue there is that they make you run with a partner for the marathon and 50k, because they start early when it’s still dark, and there’s no support for the first half of the race. So I’ll have to find someone crazy enough to run a 50k in October in Alaska with me – otherwise, I’ll just do the half, which will still be fun!

What about you, what are your big plans for 2011?

15 thoughts on “2011 Race Schedule

  1. Jeremy Logsdon

    Awesome races lined up. I especially am jealous of the Zombie one. 🙂

  2. That’s a busy racing schedule! When I come off injuries, I like to do a couple of races before I even think about anything else.

  3. Yes it is! 🙂

    I realize some of it may be a little aggressive, especially coming off an injury, and I’m totally open to scaling things back if necessary. This is just my “dream” schedule, assuming things go well.

  4. Holy crap, Brandon! That’s quite a list!

  5. hmmmm…50K in Alaska? In October? Hmmmmmm

  6. AND you get to do it dressed as a zombie!!! 🙂

  7. I’m daydreaming about my [potential] fall race schedule. sigh

  8. That is quite the schedule! LOL, me? I’m doing a 5k in April and just decided to do the Denver Rock n Roll half in Oct. Oh, and the fitbloggin 5k in May. Other than that, no clue.

  9. You’re awesome. And a runnin’ fool. And kind of a badass now that I think of it.

    Nice work man 🙂

  10. Thanks man, I do what I can… 🙂

  11. I’m doing several this fall. In August I start getting all mine paid for by my employer. Pretty sure they may take that away from me when they see exactly how many races I am willing to do for a free t-shirt.

  12. Wow, that’s a pretty sweet gig with your employer, I’d definitely be taking advantage of that too!

  13. Wow that’s a crazy list of events and I thought I had a lot already picked. Way to take the bull by the horns and OWN IT! Good luck with your training and fitting all of these in. Maybe you can find a sponsor to help offset the second job you’ll need for all the fees 😉

  14. Ha ha, a sponsor would be nice! 🙂 A lot of these are smaller races, so the fees are only $15-20, which really isn’t too bad. Ragnar is $90 though, and the Lost Lake Run is $100!

  15. […] Brandon: Brandon wants to run two marathons, one in June and one in August, with a PR of 4 hours.  I have been following him for a year and I fully anticipate that happening with no problems.  Check him out here. […]

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