A Quick Update on My Weight

I meant to include this with yesterday’s post, but it completely slipped my mind, so here we are.

In my post on turning 30 at the end of January, I wrote about one of my side goals for this year being losing the last 20-ish pounds that have been hanging around. The ultimate goal is to help me run faster, and losing some extra weight is probably one of the “easiest” ways of accomplishing that. I don’t plan on turning this back into a weight loss blog, but in the interest of accountability and motivation, I figured I would report on my progress on a monthly(-ish) basis.

A quick recap of my 2012 weight loss:

  • January 1: 221
  • February 1: 215.6
  • March 1: 210.8

So that makes 10.2 pounds lost in 2 months. That’s a little more than 1 pound/week. I’ll take it.

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