Marathon #6

I’m just one week out from running my 6th marathon, the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon here in Anchorage a week from today. This is my first marathon since last October when I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., making this my first marathon as a Marathon Maniac – you bet I’ll be wearing […]

2011 by the Numbers

Yes, I know we’re already halfway through January. It’s taken me a bit to get back into my groove with writing after the holidays. Of course that implies that I ever had a writing “groove”, but I digress… I didn’t have it in me to write one of the stereotypical “2011 in review” posts, but […]

Marathon Maniacs, Here I Come!

Something that I’ve talked to a few people about on Twitter and DailyMile, but never really openly, is Marathon Maniacs. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a club for people who run a lot of marathons. But the kicker is that you have to qualify to get in. It doesn’t matter how fast […]