The Family That Runs Together

As you’re probably all well aware, back in April I started the Couch to 5k running program, and couldn’t recommend it more highly! I ran my first 5k on July 10 in 25:35, and in just over a week, I’ll be running in my first 1/2 marathon!

In a relatively short amount of time, I’ve definitely been caught by the running bug! I love the way it makes me feel, and I know that’s it’s definitely been a big factor in my continued weight loss.

The running has been going so well in fact, that a few weeks ago my wife decided to get in on the action too! She’s currently finishing up week 4 of Couch to 5k, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Up until just recently, she’s been doing all of her running indoors on the treadmill, because she was embarrassed to run outside where other people might see her. Lately she had been complaining a bit about how boring it was running on the treadmill, and I suggested that she give running outside a try. She said she would do it, but only if I went with her for support – and of course I said YES!

So for the past week, we’ve run together for each of her Couch to 5k runs, with me pushing the jogging stroller with our 2 kiddos. My wife says she has enjoyed running outside much more than she did running inside on the treadmill, and I can’t blame her! I have really enjoyed doing something healthy like this together as a family, and setting a great example of healthy, active living for our kids.

Even if they’re too young at this point to really “get” it, simply setting a good example from an early age, and having them grow up in an environment where being healthy and active together as a family are the norm will hopefully help set them on a healthy path as they get older.

13 thoughts on “The Family That Runs Together

  1. That’s awesome that your family is getting in on the action! And to think, I remember when you didn’t really want to run…got over that quickly! 🙂

    My friends and family have no interest in running.

    I need new friends and/or a new family. 😛

  2. Yeah, I was pretty stoked when my wife told me that she wanted to start C25K! She said she doesn’t see herself ever wanting to do any races, but I know I felt the same way in the beginning myself. When you can hardly run for more than a couple minutes, it’s hard to visualize running a 1/2 marathon.

  3. How awesome! Good for her. She finally couldn’t stand the monotony anymore could she? It is terrible when you have the beautiful outdoors.

    That right there is what it’s all about. That one post.

    Very cool.

  4. I’m very proud of her that she’s doing this. I think it’s great that we’re both being healthy with our kids, and together setting a great example for them.

  5. I love that you’ve inspired your wife! That’s awesome. And you both will inspire your kids. Good work my friend.

  6. So cool that you can run together!

  7. My wife has tried repeatedly to take up running with little luck, but my 10-year old wants to run a 5K with me this Fall. It’s a start!

  8. That’s awesome Greg – I can only hope that my own kids take up the same interest when they’re a little older!

  9. That’s awesome! I love the idea of a family running together! So cute! 🙂

  10. That’s so awesome! I love running with someone else too – it’s extra motivating – and even more so if it’s a loved one. I run inside on the treadmill a lot, and I have to agree with your wife – it can be very boring. I’m totally scared of running outside though – those darn hills!

  11. Love it. My favorite thing to do with my wife was run, with the kids being young it’s hard now. Something about leaving a 4 year old to watch an 8 month old that seems a little risky.

    That’s an incredible first 5k time, very impressed.

  12. Yeah, it can definitely be tougher with the kids. Running with the jogging stroller isn’t my favorite, but it’s definitely better than nothing! I’m getting more and more used to it as I do it more too – my longest run so far with the stroller is 7 miles.

  13. I love this
    a lot

    that goes without saying—but Im saying it 🙂

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