How to Keep Your Water From Freezing When Running in the Winter

Don’t let this happen to you! These past few months, I’ve been running lots of miles outdoors in the cold while training for the Susitna 100 next month. These past few weeks it has been especially cold in the Anchorage area, and on race day, there is always the potential for it to get down […]

Winter Running Gear: Balaclava vs. Baklava

This is my public service announcement, since so many seem to get the two confused. Balaclava: A balaclava will help keep your face and neck warm when running in the cold. Baklava: Baklava may be a tasty dessert, but it won’t help keep you warm.

My Winter Running Gear

As winter rages on here in Alaska, I’ve continued to run outdoors, even as the temperatures have dropped farther and farther. To date, my coldest run has been at -7° – 2 weekends ago, I ran a 25 mile race in 5°. Some of you may shudder at the mere thought of running in those […]

Review: Running on Ice with STABILicers

Shortly after I posted my review of running on ice and snow in Yaktrax, I was contacted by a company name 32North, asking if I’d be interested in trying their STABILicers Sport ice cleats. Being a runner in Alaska, I’m always on the lookout for whatever will make running in the winter as easy (and […]

Review: Running on the Snow and Ice Wearing Yak Trax

As winter has been fast approaching here in Alaska, I’ve been getting worried about how I was going to handle running on the ice and snow. I put the question out on Twitter last week how other people handle running in the winter, and I was surprised when several people recommended Yak Trax. I’ve actually […]