Ice Ice Baby

No, not that kind of ice… It may be well into November, but winter still hasn’t really hit in this part of Alaska yet. We got a few inches of early-season snow, with nothing since then. Instead, we’ve had several rounds of freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw, leaving our sidewalks and trails covered in ice. Still wanting to get […]

Winter Racing and Final Prep for Rocky Raccoon 100

It looks like I’ll be continuing my recent tradition of packing multiple race reports into a single post. With much of the rest of the country caught up in the so-called “polar vortex“, we’ve actually had pretty warm weather here in Alaska over the past month or so. With Rocky Raccoon 100 just over 2 […]

The Long Winter

Now that we’re nearing the end of March, the end of this winter is finally in sight. As much as I have embraced running through snowstorms, icy sidewalks, and sub-zero temperatures, it’s around this time of year that I’m reminded how much I miss running outside without multiple layers of clothing and having to worry […]

Dreaming the Cold Away

In my last post, I detailed my winter running gear, extolling the pleasures of running in the cold – as long as you’re well prepared. Since then, we’ve spent the past 2 weeks hovering in the -10 – -15° range, with little reprieve. Those are the kind of temperatures that keep me inside, which has […]

My Winter Running Gear

As winter rages on here in Alaska, I’ve continued to run outdoors, even as the temperatures have dropped farther and farther. To date, my coldest run has been at -7° – 2 weekends ago, I ran a 25 mile race in 5°. Some of you may shudder at the mere thought of running in those […]