The best thing about your first race is that it’s always a PR

Back at the beginning of April, I started running using the popular C25K program. This Saturday, at long last, I’ll be running in my first race – the Bear Paw 5K Classic. The race is done as part of the Bear Paw Festival, a small-town summer festival that takes place in the town where I grew up, just outside of Anchorage.

I’m expecting it to be a pretty low-key event, so I plan to use the RunKeeper app on my phone to keep track of my “official” time, since I highly doubt they’ll be using chip timers 🙂

While I’m very excited to be running in my first race, I just wish that I had been able to do a 5K sooner. But between there not being many races up here, and how busy I was during June, it just wasn’t in the cards.

I’ve been able to run that distance for quite some time now – in fact, I’ve been busy training for my first 1/2 marathon that takes place just 5 weeks later. Actually being able to finish the 5K isn’t going to be much of a challenge for me at this point. Instead, I’m going to try pushing myself on time.

Tonight I went on my last run before the race Saturday. I decided to do a shorter run and work on my speed in preparation for the race. I ran 2.42 miles in 20:10, giving me a pace of 8:20/mile, which I was quite happy with, and something I could have definitely maintained for the remainder of a 5K. So if I calculate that pace out for the full 5K, that would give me a time of 25:50. Now, I’m really not sure about the race route. I think it’s fairly flat, but there are likely a few small-ish hills in there. Just to give myself some wiggle room, I’m going to bump that up to 26:30, and that’s what I’m going to shoot for. I’m going to try really hard to do it, but if I don’t, no big deal. I just like to have a goal to shoot for.

Even if I don’t meet my goal, like the title of this post says – the best thing about your first race is that it’s always a PR (personal record). 🙂

If you’re a runner, have you run in your first race yet, or are you a race veteran? Or do you prefer to just run for the sake of running, and don’t care about all this racing stuff?

13 thoughts on “The best thing about your first race is that it’s always a PR

  1. O
    as the kids no longer say.
    you much such a great point about the pr.

    Ive run one race.
    Ive no idea what my time was
    Im workingstrivingTRYING to just enjoy the process.

  2. That first race will be a memorable one and getting the PB time gives you a time to strive for the next time. I really need to get working on my running as I want to be taking part in race events by the end of this year.


  3. I have pictures on my desk from my first 5K (which I walked most of). It was a big PR for me because I didn’t even know if I could go that far. Now I’m able to run a full 5K (slowly but I can do it!) and am training for my first 1/2 marathon in January 2011. It’s such a joy to think back on my first. If I never got out there to do a “first” I wouldn’t be out there now most likely.

    You’re doing so great. You are such an inspiration Brandon! I can’t wait to hear how the 5K goes.

  4. DANG you are fast! You are going to rock that first 5k. My first 5k was sort of an I CAN do this thing epiphany for me.

  5. Not only that, every time you run a new race distance, it’s a PR!

  6. Definitely true!

  7. I want to run a 5k, a 10k, a 1/2 marathon, a marathon. But then again, not really. My love affair with running is an “on again, off again” thing. Right now, it’s off. I am really still madly in love with weight training, so I’ve really been focusing on strength.

    Best of luck in your race this weekend. You’ll do great!!!

  8. Wow you’re fast! Look forward to reading your race report. Good luck!!!

    I’m a veteran of 2 HM’s and 2 triathlons. Races keep me motivated to keep running as without them I stop. Case in point: 3 years ago when I put all the weight back on. Now I have races lined up till Oct and when I get closer to that I’ll be signing up for a couple in the winter just so I don’t relapse this time 🙂

  9. I ran my first race about 2 months ago, it was a 6K and I also did the C25K program. Now I’ll run another 6k next week but really hadn’t been training :$ Better get moving!

  10. Wow Brandon you are amazing, I have the bibs from my 3 races on my cube wall with my time written on them to remind me where I have come from. I run a 5 miler next week and have 2 a month lined up through August and I am thinking of running the warrior dash in NY in Sept if I can get my girlfriend onboard since it would be a roadtrip!

  11. RACE DAY!!!!

    It seemed so far away and now here it is! Enjoy the entire process Brandon. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to rock it because you already know you will. Get there, take it in. Enjoy being around other runners and then do what you came to do: run!

  12. How fantastic, hope it went great. I love your timing, priceless.

  13. […] After the race with my medal, happy to have my first 1/2 marathon under my belt! In the end, just 19 weeks after stepping out the door for my first run ever, I finished my first 1/2 Marathon in 2:06:09.  I may not have made my “dream” time, but I was extremely happy with how I did. And like I’ve said before – the best thing about your first race is that it’s always a PR […]

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