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Late last year, I started to hear rumblings of a new race being organized for sometime this fall. Joe Fejes, who broke the American 6-day record by running 555 miles at Across the Years, was looking to organize a multi-day event at an indoor track. The Dome in Anchorage quickly drew his attention.

And thus, Six Days in the Dome was born.

Six Days in the Dome

Apparently The Dome is actually a pretty unique facility. There is a full-size 1/4 mile track (actually just a tad bit longer), whereas most indoor tracks are half that size. Normally I don't run much at The Dome – it's fairly expensive to be a member there, and it's pretty much all the way across town from me, so it's not exactly convenient anyways. But during the winter, the Anchorage Running Club rents it out one night a week for members, so I do usually go to that.

The Alaska Dome

This race really piqued my interest. I reached out to Joe early on, saying that I'd be happy to help, since I figured it would be useful to have someone local. The next thing I knew, I was listed as the volunteer director on the website 🙂

I also wanted to try out running a timed event. Six Days in the Dome actually has 3 events – 6 days, 48 hours, and 24 hours. I wasn't going to jump into a 6 day for my first timed event. I briefly considered the 48 hour, but in the end I decided on the 24 hour. I figured it would be a good introduction to both timed events, and running around a track for an extended period of time.

So next week, starting at 9am Monday morning, I'll find myself running seemingly endless loops around a track. It's going to be a very different experience than any of the ultras I've run before. On one hand, it's a nicely controlled environment: no hills, no rain, no muddy trails, a constant 60 degrees, and there's an aid station every 1/4 mile. On the other hand, I'm worried it could get to be mind-numbingly boring. I'll have my iPod loaded up with plenty of music and podcasts to hopefully keep my mind occupied.

I'm also excited about the field of talented runners that are coming from all over the world for this race, to name just a few: Joe Fejes (of course), Zach Bitter, Connie Gardner, Frank Bozanich, Ed "The Jester" Ettinghausen, and Traci Falbo.

I'm especially excited to see how our local super ultrarunner David Johnston does in the 6 day. Dave smashed course records in both the Susitna 100 and Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 Mile last winter (with the 2 races just 1 week apart!).

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  1. I was wondering what all of those FB posts were about! 24 hours?! How awesome for you!

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