New York City Marathon Recap

Last week I traveled across the country to (finally) run the New York City Marathon. I had been trying my luck at the lottery for 4 years, and finally got in under the old “pity rule” that they stopped doing after this year. I made a pretty quick trip out of this, since we already […]

Summer/Fall Recap

Last time, I left you with the cliffhanger of me about to embark on running around a track for 24 hours. 6 Days in the Dome was an interesting experience, to say the least. I ran the 24 hour race on the first day, and then hung around most of the rest of the week […]

A Pair of Overdue Race Reports: Equinox Ultra & Kenai River Marathon

I’ve got a few exciting things coming up that I want to write about, but I’m behind on my race reports and felt like I should get those out first. So here they are in a two-for-one special: Equinox Ultra Back on September 21, I ran the 40 mile Equinox Ultra up in Fairbanks. I […]

Disney World Goofy Challenge Recap

After 13 hours of air travel with 2 sick kids, I’m finally back home in Alaska after last weekend’s Disney World Goofy Challenge in Orlando. The Disney World Marathon weekend consists of the Donald Duck 1/2 Marathon on Saturday, followed by the Mickey Mouse Marathon on Sunday. The Goofy Challenge has you run both races. […]