An Awesome Day of Mountain Running, Followed by a Painful Lesson

After several years of lackluster summers in Anchorage, I can truly say that this summer has been amazing. Even if it rained every day for the rest of the summer (but please don’t!), I would still look back on this as being one of the nicest summers in memory. We’ve had tons of sun, with […]

3 Weeks Until My First 100 Miler

With summer now in full swing, training for my first 100 miler has been going well. I’ve spent some great time out on the trails with friends, and set a few new PR’s along the way. Now, there’s some catching up to do – between work, training, projects around the house, T-ball games, camping trips […]

A Look Back on 2012 – and a Look Ahead

I may not have written on here much lately (cue promises of writing more regularly in the future), but 2012 has been a pretty epic year – and I’m not even done yet! That’s right, I’ve still got one more marathon in me this year, but more on that later. First, a quick look back […]

Resurrection Pass 50 Race Recap

The short version: an absolutely amazing experience, great trail, beautiful weather, and an awesome day of running with 2 friends. I finished in 11 hours 20 minutes, and can now officially call myself an ultramarathoner! The long version: The race started bright and early at 6am on Saturday, about 2 hours from Anchorage, so I […]

Finalizing My Ultra Training

I’m pulling into the home stretch here with my ultra training, with the big day just over 2 weeks away now. I would say that the past 3 months of training have gone especially well. Or at least very consistent if nothing else – without planning or trying, I’ve run 169 miles in each of […]